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Adrienne Coddett

“I am the me I wished I could be when I figured out the Me was in Me!”   #BeMoreCommUNITY

Occupation: 3Dreads and a Baldhead / Black Youth Empowerment/co-hosts Black on Black

I went to school up the street from CB at the rival HS – Gloucester – and I grew up in Pineview.  I never would have believed a little black girl from Beaverpond Dr. would have had the experiences and opportunities I’ve had thus far.  

I wanted to be a lot of things growing up – a beach bum when I was 3, a photographer when I was 8, a Calypso artist when I was 12, and finally a professional athlete from 10-29yo,

The truth though, I’ve always been an educator. It is my calling and I’d do it for free! The most important thing I think I can contribute to the world is my commitment to its transformation, the vision to fuel my actions and accepting that I am the one who I’m waiting for! I am my ancestors’ wildest dreams!

Adrienne Coddett is a community activist/advocate and high school educator. Her organization, 3Dreads and a Baldhead (founded in 2000), provides opportunities for people in Black communities to transform their lives by maximizing their physical, mental, spiritual, and economic potential. From 2004 – 2014, 3Dreads and a Baldhead, created and organized the annual Black Youth Conference(BYC) on the last Friday of February. The BYC is a forum for Black youth to empower their vision for black communities and the world. The BeMore Academy was a positive consequence of the annual conference, providing a safe space for black youth to transform their #BeMoreCommUNITY

Adrienne is also well known in Ottawa as one of the four co-hosts of Black on Black, a public affairs radio show which broadcasts every Saturday morning on the University of Ottawa’s radio station, CHUO 89.1 FM.

“I am the me I wished I could be when I figured out the Me was in Me!” #BeMoreCommUNITY