Andree Leduc
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Andree Leduc

Occupation: Forensic Identification Section, Ottawa Police

Personal and Professional Experiences
  • My name is Andree and I have been a constable with the Ottawa Police for 11 years. After working on Patrol and having job shadows in a few different sections (Traffic Enforcement, Neighborhood Team, Foot Patrol & Demo Team) I am currently a detective with the Forensic Identification Section. My career requires me to photograph and collect evidence at various types of crime scenes, from Break and Enter scenes and Robbery scenes to Sexual Assault scenes and Homicide scenes. The evidence ranges from different types of DNA evidence, fingerprint evidence, trace evidence, physical matching, tool mark, footwear or tire tread impressions, etc. We each process our exhibits in the Forensics Lab and submit the DNA evidence to the Centre of Forensic Sciences for analysis.
  • There are several specialties – or Portfolios – in the Forensic Identification section; 1) Bloodstain Pattern Analysis, 2) Composite Artistry, 3) DNA Databank Coordinator, 4) Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear and Explosives Team, and the 5) Firearms and Shooting Scene Reconstruction. Myself and one other member of my section are currently being trained as experts in the Reconstruction of Shooting Scenes.
  • I truly love my job and being able to ‘connect the dots’ or find which piece of the puzzle fits where really excites me! I look forward to telling you a bit about my training, the 9 week course at the Canadian Police College and about a few interesting scenes I’ve attended.
  • On my time off, I practice Muay Thai, lift weights and go hiking. I’ve learned to bake since I was a child and have begun to make birthday character cakes (from the movie Cars, Hello Kitty, The Cheshire Cat…) and wedding cakes.