Anne Lowthian
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Anne Lowthian

“Be who you are and say what you think, because those who matter don’t mind, and those who mind, don’t matter”
– Dr. Suess (Ted Geisel)


Anne is currently a high school teacher, who has enjoyed many previous careers including fourteen years serving a minority community in Canada, and a decade as a federal public servant. Her experience in working collaboratively to protecting equity and diversity in Canada, has served her as a parent and advocate for her transgender daughter, Charlie. “Building a Gender Inclusive Community” is the focus of her workshop/seminar that asks participants to better understand diversity in gender identity and expression.

Personal Life
  • Anne Lowthian was born in Appleton (near Almonte) and attended Bell High School
  • Lowthian had her first child at 40 years old, but had been a step-mom (prefers the term spirit mom) prior to this child
  • Her spirit daughter is completing her doctoral dissertation, while her 11-year-old transgender daughter, Charlie, is also accomplished having given a speech on Parliament Hill for the “Occupotty” protest she helped organize and contributing to the passing of Bill C-279
    • Last year she was grand marshal of the ottawa Capital Pride Parade
  • Lowthian’s hobbies include reading and writing, and her favourite fun activities include camping, water slides, dancing, singing, and snorkelling
  • Lowthian is the recipient for the Family Services of Ottawa 2015 Joan Gullen Award for Community Leadership
Personal and Professional Experiences
  • Anne Lowthian (B.A., B.Ed, Special Education Specialist) brings more than thirty years combined experience in education and advocacy to the classroom.
  • Inspired by Charlie, her nine year old transgender daughter, Anne has organized civic actions, is a speaker, author, facilitator and presenter on reasonable accommodation, cultural and gender diversity, and equity.
  • Lowthian has had many different jobs (in her twenties) such as working for a record company, the federal government, the CRTC (Keith Spicer’s “Citizens Forum on Canada’s Future”), Agriculture Canada, and Labour Canada
  • The next fourteen years Anne Lowthian served the interests of a culture that was not her own (turbans in the RCMP/Legion Halls, Kirkland in schools, beards in boxing rings, etc.), and she now considers the Sikh community as her extended family
  • Lowthian took 13 years to complete her undergraduate degree (a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education as a Special Education Specialist) as she worked full-time as a writer, educator, advocate and bartender/server (often working 3 jobs at a time)
  • In 2001, she became a teacher, and she has operated a Tea Room business, and is now part owner of a Bathtub Reglazing business as well as a landlord
  • Lowthian has participated in a number of events such as the Rainbow Youth Forum, leading Early Childhood Education seminars, designed learning opportunities to involve First Nations, Métis, Inuit and LGBTQ voices
  • Anne’s writing has been featured in media such as CBC Radio, First Person Singular, the Ottawa Citizen, the Vancouver Sun, and Canadian Press.
  • Recipient of the Family Services of Ottawa 2015 Joan Gullen Award for Community Leadership, Anne and her family continue to reach out to deepen understanding of transgender people and promote the health and well being of kids, families, and community.