Beck Hood
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Beck Hood

The Gender Bender Time Capsule. Gender WHAT? Gender WHO? Gender EVERYWHERE!

Occupation: Trans identified Trainer and Public Educator at Family Services Ottawa.

Personal Life
  • Beck turned 40 in 2017​! Join Beck to talk, dream and plan the next 40 years of beautiful, sparkling, gender AMAZINGNESS!
  • Stop by to enter your vision for the next 40 years into the GENDER BENDER TIME CAPSULE!
  • Beck uses the pronouns they, them, theirs and he, him, his.
  • They work at Family Services Ottawa doing community projects and workshops about gender identity and gender expression.
  • Beck has a fluffy kitten named Sol and is slowly learning how to play the banjo. See you soon!
Personal and Professional Experiences
  • He provides community development, education, advocacy and workshops regarding gender identity and gender expression.
  • Beck works closely with families, school boards, resource and health centres to provide education and support around social transitioning.