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Law Enforcement, Correctional Services, Emergency Services

Ottawa Police Service Tactical and Explosives Unit (Sniper, Rappelling, Search and Recovery, OPS Human Trafficking, Forensic Identification unit , Blood Splatter, Canine Unit, Ottawa Fire Department, Correctional Services

Law, International Studies, Humanitarian Issues, Military

Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, Crimes against Humanity and War Crimes Section, Foreign Services, CBC, Cybercrime, Human Rights Advocacy, World Vision, Indigenous Affairs, Refugees

Environment, Event Planning, LGBTQ, Hospitality

, Environmental Expeditions, , LGBTQ, Hospitality, Travel and Tourism, Event Planning, Public Figures, Fine Cuisine, Social Services, NASA – Mars Expedition, Small Businesses

Health, Medicine, Mental Health, Research

Leading physicans, mental health and trauma specialists, surgeons, those who have faced the challenges of illness, addiction, members from CHEO, CEO of the Ottawa Hospital, Research Specialists, Doctors Without Borders, PTSD Specialists

Media, Artists, Musicians, Producers, Poets, Writers

Join us for unique and engaging conversations with Musicians, Media Personalities, Aboriginal Advocates, CBC personalities, Access Media, Radio Personalities, Online Editors

Personal Triumphs, Community Heroes, Retail, Financial, Travel, Therapy, Sports

Join us for unique and engaging conversations with Community and Everyday Heroes, Personal Triumphs Small Businesses, Financial Experts, Competitive Sports Figures, Adventurers, World Travellers...


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