Bushra Saeed-Khan
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Bushra Saeed-Khan

Occupation: Foreign Service Officer

Personal and Professional Experiences
  • Bushra Saeed-Khan is currently working on security and intelligence issues at Global Affairs Canada (GAC).
  • Foreign Service Officer for the Canadian Government.
  • She was a legal consultant on the North American Free Trade Agreement and has a long list of impressive experience in her field
  • Saeed-Khan was a Political Officer in the Human Rights and Governance Policy Division, East African Division and South Asian Division in Pakistan
  • A Political and Programming Officer at the Pakistan-Border specializing in Counter-Narcotic and Stabilization
  • While working as a diplomat in Kandahar, Afghanistan Saeed-Khan’s convoy was hit with a roadside bomb. Consequently, five Canadians were killed and Bushra had various medical injuries
  • This event and many others allow her to share invaluable pieces of knowledge from the field; a place which few people get to truly witness.