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I am a survivor of a concentration camp. My eyes saw what no man should witness: gas chambers built by learned engineers, children poisoned by educated physicians, infants killed by trained nurses, women and babies shot and buried by high school and college graduates. So I am suspicious of education.

My request is: Help our students to become human. Your efforts must never produce monsters, skilled psychopaths, educated Eichmanns. Reading, writing, and arithmetic are important only if they serve to make our children more human.

Chaim Ginott 1972


Join us for unique and engaging conversations with members from the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, Crimes against Humanity and War Crimes Section, Foreign Services, CBC, Cybercrime, Human Rights Advocacy, Ottawa Muslim Women’s organization, United Nations Association of Canada, Refugee 613, Haiti for Health, National Security and Public Safety Conference Board of Canada, Mayor of Ottawa, Refugees

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