Chris Renwick
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Chris Renwick

Renwick oversees special operations criminal investigations at the Ottawa police, including the drug, guns and gangs and criminal intelligence units. He is also the drum major of the force’s pipe band.

Chief Charles Bordeleau told the Citizen that he was “very proud” of the three officers.

“Each of them, in their own way, has contributed to advancing policing significantly and have given back to their community in a meaningful way,” Bordeleau said. “The award bestowed upon them today by the Governor General is very deserving.”

Occupation: Ottawa Police Service: Superintendent Blood Splatter/ Forensics, Afghanistan, OPS Pipe Band, Drum Major


“Of course, analyzing blood splatter isn’t nearly as simple as fictional bloodstain pattern analysts like Dexter Morgan might make it appear to be. Experts in the field often say that it’s as much an art as it is a science. But a well-trained and seasoned bloodstain pattern analyst can often provide key information that leads to arrest and conviction.” (How Stuff Works)

Suddenly, an investigator begins recounting aspects of the crime, like when it happened, where the assault took place in the room, what kind of weapon was used on the victim and how close the assailant was to him.

Personal and Professional Experiences
  • Has worked for OPS for many years and is married with two children. He loves to keep fit, running, and is extremely active in all areas of his life.
  • The Ottawa Police Service’s guns and gangs unit was designed to combat the emerging trend of street gangs that were forming in our city to conduct the illegal or illicit crack cocaine trade and the prostituting of young, vulnerable women. The current unit focus their attention in two areas: criminal investigations of known street gang members and their associates, and criminal investigations into the possession, use, and trafficking of crime firearms.
  • Has worked for Guns and Gangs Unit, Blood splatter, Forensics Ident…Afghanistan.
  • A uniformed direct action response team, or DART, was formed with a specific mandate of monitoring gang activity while providing a highly visible and active police presence in the affected communities.
  • In 2008, the guns and gangs unit and direct action response team seized 66 crime guns off our streets.
  • They are experiencing an increase in the number of criminals carrying handguns in Ottawa for intimidation and enforcement purposes and for the protection of their crack cocaine markets.
  • Drum Major: Ottawa Police Service Pipe Band
  • The Ottawa Police Service Pipe Band was founded in 1969 by serving Ottawa Police officers to promote police community relations and to contribute to memorials for slain officers.
  • Outside of their city and region, they have thrilled audiences with their pageantry and show stopping styles at Carnegie Hall in New York City, in Bermuda, Normandy, Colorado, Vancouver, Cleveland, Buffalo, New Hampshire, Toronto, Montreal, Prince Edward Island, and across Ontario.
  • Pipers and drummers are serving police officers as well as civilian volunteers under the direction of Pipe Major Jamie Ritchie and Drum Major Chris Renwick, both of whom are sworn members of the Ottawa Police.
  • The band competes annually throughout Ontario, the U.S., and at the World Championships in Glasgow, Scotland