Constable Ben Moores
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Constable Ben Moores

Occupation: Tactical Unit Ottawa Police Service

Personal and Professional Experiences
  • My name is Constable Ben Moores. I have been a Police Officer with the Ottawa Police Service since Jan 2001. During that time I have had the opportunity to work in West Division Patrol, the Professional Development Centre as a Use of Force/Firearms Instructor – Defensive Tactics Instructor, Carbine Instructor, Taser Instructor, Immediate Action Rapid Deployment Instructor and most recently the Tactical Unit.
  • I joined the Unit in December 2011 where I fulfill the role of Tactical Operator as well as Advanced Sniper/Observer.

  • The Ottawa Police Tactical Unit currently has 32 members.
  • The Unit is called upon for many specific “High Risk” situations ie) Hostage Takings, Barricaded Persons, K-9 Tracks of armed and dangerous persons, Warrant Service just to name a few.
  • To become a member of the Unit an Officer must successfully complete an extremely challenging selection process as well as a 14 week basic Training course.
  • After joining the Unit, an Operator has the option to hold a “specialty” position; the three specialties are 1) Sniper 2) Rappel Master 3) Explosives. Each specialty has additional selection and training courses the Operator must successfully complete.
  • I am looking forward to meeting you and sharing my work experiences.