Dave Brown
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Dave Brown

“Dave Brown is a talented reporter and he exemplifies what AMI is all about and what we, as a broadcaster, are trying to achieve”
– John Melville

Occupation: Host and reporter for Accessible Media Incorporated, former CBC morning traffic reporter

Personal Life

“I love food. I’m not a foodie, I just love delicious food. Especially pizza.”

  • Brown was born in Montreal (where he lived for 25 years), then moved to Ottawa, but has also spent some time in Vancouver and Toronto for various jobs and internships.
  • Outside of work, Brown is a big sports fan. He enjoys watching hockey, football, MMA, basketball, and any other sport in which the score is kept
  • In his spare time Dave likes to travel. He has been all over North America, the Caribbean, and parts of Europe. His favourite city to visit is Boston.
  • Brown supports various charities such as Shepherds of Good Hope and he is an avid fundraiser for the community
  • Dave Brown is an albino, and is legally blind
Personal and Professional Experiences
  • Dave Brown has been working in the media industry in some capacity since 2009. He got his on-air start at CKDJ 107.9fm while attending Algonquin College in the Radio Broadcasting.
  • Since then he has worked for multiple companies and shows including; Entertainment Tonight Canada, CBC Radio 3, and CBC Radio’s Ottawa Morning. Since 2011, Dave worked part time for Accessible Media Incorporated. In 2014, he was hired full time as a reporter and host for a multitude of their programs.
  • AMI is a network dedicated to making television accessible to the visually impaired community. Being legally blind himself, Dave understands the importance of the network and his role within it. It’s not just about being an on-air presenter, but a positive role model for people living with blindness or losing their sight.
  • Dave Brown worked as the morning traffic reporter for the CBC Ottawa Morning Radio for three-and-a-half years, providing construction and traffic updates every 20 minutes, and has become known for his colourful language and flair with words
  • “Put your head on a swivel.” and “The bridges are flowing.” were some of his most well known phrases as he described traffic.
  • Dave also is an avid sports fan and makes it a point to see stadiums, arenas or ballparks whenever he visits a new place. One day he’d like to use his professional skill set to start a sports travel blog/vlog/podcast.