Eric Muller
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Eric Muller

Occupation: Financial advisor with Investors Group Financial Services Inc.

Focus areas: Wealth Management, Investment Planning, Tax Planning, Retirement & Estate Planning, Insurance, Risk Management and Mortgages.

Personal and Professional Experiences
  • Mr. Muller was born in the Netherlands into a family of two doctors, a medical doctor and a dentist
  • As a child he was diagnosed with Dyslexia but through the relentless work of his mother, specialist and essentially himself he was able to retrain his brain to accommodate for this condition
  • When he was fourteen his family moved to Spain and started high school in a different language, English instead of Dutch
  • He ended up meeting his best friend in high school and believes that their friendship helped him determine that he wanted to go into the business field
  • His first taste of entrepreneurism was when he was eighteen, his best friend and himself started their own health food/vitamin business
  • After high school Mr. Muller went back to the Netherlands to study Business Economics at the University of Rotterdam and graduated with a Masters degree
  • During University he did work exchanges abroad. He travelled to Istanbul, Turkey to work for a Stock Brokerage firm and ended up doing his Masters degree on the Istanbul Stock Exchange
  • He met his Canadian wife while in Istanbul and is now happily married, with two children
  • After University he took a position with the largest bank in the Netherlands, this career spanned fifteen years in Investment Banking
  • He worked for ABN AMRO and then the Royal Bank of Scotland, in the Netherlands, New York City and later on, in Stockholm, Sweden
  • He helped some of the largest companies in the world finance their business by selling shares in their business to big investors.
  • He has travelled to places such as, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, India, Sri Lanka, Africa and most of Europe
  • Some important accomplishments in his life are climbing Mount Kilimanjaro with his wife, running in the New York City Marathon and completing several triathlons
  • Four and a half years ago, his family moved to Canada, after this he made a decision to start his own business in Ottawa