Gaye Taylor
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Gaye Taylor

Occupation: Founder and director of Cool it for the Kids, PhD in American Literature, Part-time professor of English U of O

Personal and Professional Experiences
  • Speaker for Climate Reality Project Canada
  • She was educated at the University of British Columbia
  • Gaye speaks about global environmental realities and what residents can do at the neighbourhood level to address them.
  • She discusses climate science and the potential causes and impacts of climate change.
  • Climate Reality Canada would like to raise awareness among all Canadians about the urgency of the climate crisis and hopes to motivate Canadians to become active participants in solving the climate crisis by following three steps: Train citizens from numerous geographic regions who can then communicate to the public about the urgency and impact of climate change.
  • Gaye is also the Founder and Executive Director of Cool it for the Kids. Cool it for the Kids is an organization dedicated to providing Canadian children with the opportunity, means, and infrastructure to speak up about climate change.
  • She is also a sessional lecturer in English at the University of Ottawa.
  • Gaye was born in south-eastern British Columbia in 1968, and grew up hiking (at times very unwillingly!) in the wilds of some very big mountains. She has lived in Ottawa since 2002 and completed her PhD in American Literature at the University of Ottawa in 2010. Which might, admittedly, seem very odd preparation to become a “human book” about climate change .
  • What Gaye knows about climate change—its causes, effects, and especially its solutions—has been learned as the founder and director of Cool it for the Kids, an Ottawa-based, grass-roots organization devoted to helping children and youth speak up about the need for swift action to stop the planet from getting any warmer. But her work as a part-time professor of English at the University of Ottawa is also central to her work as a “climate activist,” because a significant part of fighting climate change involves envisioning new ways of living with each other and with all life on the Earth, and so using all our creative and imaginative powers.
About the Cool It for the Kids – Solar Power Youth Event, November 22nd 2015
  • From November 30th to December 11th 2015, the world’s governments will convene in Paris for a high-profile United Nations conference on climate change.
  • The aim of this conference will be to reach a universal agreement that will enable us to combat climate change effectively and boost the transition towards resilient, low-carbon societies.
  • The Paris conference will have a profound impact on the lives of every single young person alive today, and for generations to come.
  • It is with a sense of the urgent need to protect the well-being of Canadian children and youth that we, the board of directors of Cool it for the Kids— a local non-profit devoted to giving Ottawa/Gatineau children and youth opportunities to speak up about climate change — together with CHEO’s Green Team, have organized the inspiring event depicted on our poster above.
  • Specifically, on Sunday, November 22nd at 4pm (just before sunset) 250 Ottawa/Gatineau children and youth will come together on Parliament Hill to create a solar lantern-powered artistic event, called “Solar Youth Power”. That is, each child and youth will have a solar lantern in hand, and together with the other lantern bearers, will light up the dark by forming an image of the sun. The image will symbolize the importance and urgency for the newly elected Canadian government to transition our country to 100% renewable energy.
  • Our photographers will take aerial photos of the solar formation, as well as others from the ground, and these powerful images will then be circulated widely on social media and form part of a global effort to shine the light of hope for a sustainable future.