Hélène Tremblay
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Hélène Tremblay

The curious girl who hated school and became a diplomat.

Occupation: Management Consular Officer at Global Affairs Canada, currently deputy director at the Canadian Foreign Service Institute

Personal Life
  • Hélène was born in Matane, a small city in Gaspésie, Québec.
  • When she was eight years old, she moved with her family to Québec City
  • As a young child, Hélène did not enjoy going to school at all and was absent most of the time to the despair of her parents and siblings. She would rather stay quietly at home and play with her dog, listen to music and watch TV.
  • During her high school years in Québec City, she participated in extracurricular activities like choir and music, which really helped her to enjoy school. She also had an interest in learning English and participated in several student exchanges and school trips to learn English.
  • She completed her first BA at Ottawa University in German language and literature and studied one year of Art History.
  • At the age of 20 she spent two months in China backpacking with her best friend. That was the first of a series of many trips she would make in her life. Travelling around China significantly opened her mind and made her aware of her own culture as she was discovering a new one.
  • Throughout the years she learned several languages, including mandarin.
  • She has three sons, two of whom are University students in Montréal.
  • She has almost always owned a dog and currently has a standard poodle named Clicquot who will accompany her on her next posting abroad.
Personal and Professional Experiences
  • She then had several different occupations: she worked in restaurants, a bookstore, as a travel agent, and as a French as a second language teacher, and she had her own Bed & Breakfast in Chelsea, Québec. All her occupations were related to things she has always enjoyed: food, books, travel, languages and administration.
  • She later completed a second BA in international management and did an internship in consular communications at Global Affairs Canada, eventually becoming part of the diplomatic corps known as Foreign Service officers.
  • As a diplomat, she has been posted with her family in Kiev, Ukraine (three years) and in Guangzhou, China.