Sarah Standing
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Sarah Standing

Occupation: Human Trafficking Department , Ottawa Police Service

Detective Sarah Standing

Human Trafficking

Det. Sarah Standing has been a Police officer for 13 years.  The first 4 years of her career were spent working with the York Regional Police Service in the City of Vaughan, and the remaining 9 years have been spent working for the Ottawa Police Service.  Throughout her career, Det. Standing spent 5 years working as a patrol officer, 5 years working in the Partner Assault/Domestic Violence Section and 3 years in the Human Trafficking Unit, where she remains today.

Det. Standing decided she wanted to become a Police Officer at the age of 14, when she attended a high school career fair.  Det. Standing geared her education in the direction of Policing and attended Georgian College in Barrie, where she earned her diploma in Police Foundations.  Following graduation, Det. Standing became a Special Constable for Barrie Police Service and joined their Auxiliary program.  This gave her the experience to then transition into Policing at the age of 22.