Jackie Lane Moore
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Jackie Lane Moore

Occupation: Zero Waste Lifestyle, Sustainable Living, Cancer Survivor

Jackie Lane Moore

Natural mom + zero waste lifestyle blogger – seeking to normalize sustainable living

Visit Jackie’s website: The L’Oven Life Naturally

The Sweetness of Imperfection:

The sweetness of imperfection

• Born & raised in rural Ontario; attended Queen’s University for Life Sciences and X-Ray Technology; juggled multiple jobs, varsity swimming, thrift shopping, a thriving social life & chronic bowel disease (ulcerative colitis)
• Travelled Australia & Southeast Asia for a year after graduating; Upon return, worked as an X-ray tech, then took a job with Health Canada
• Keen to keep learning, Jackie enrolled in a holistic nutrition course
• One day into the course, 3 months after her wedding day, at age 26, Jackie was diagnosed with colon cancer
• Removal of her entire colon + more, complications, infections, multiple surgeries & hospitalizations; adjustment to her new anatomy became the reality & priority of life
• Extensive reading about holistic nutrition, gut flora & health led Jackie to a lifestyle overhaul; learned to make everything from scratch—hummus, dressings, breads, sauces, etc.
• Started a business (part-time while still at Health Canada) with her sister, baking and formulating recipes for vegetable-based cupcakes (featured in Apt613, Ottawa Living & on CTV Morning); offering discounts to customers who supplied their own take-away containers was a light bulb moment for another life changing focus
• In 2010, against all odds, Jackie thrived through her first pregnancy and vowed to do everything possible to embrace a healthy & sustainable lifestyle for her growing family; her “nothing new” baby shower welcomed thrifted or second-hand items only
• 2012 brought baby #2 and many friends, colleagues and acquaintances inquiring about recipes and natural parenting
• Admittedly “tech-challenged,” in 2015, Jackie (who had only recently acquired her first smart phone, second-hand of course!) Googled “how to start a blog” – and thelovenlife.com blog was born! Friends convinced her to join Instagram, and with these two main social media platforms, Jackie shares recipes, healthy lifestyle & waste reduction strategies with family & friends & beyond… Global reactions & comments show the power and reach of social media
• Posts include topics like waste-free DIY projects, the impact of thrift shopping, plant-based recipes, leading the next generation by example, minimizing kitchen waste, etc.
• With two lively young children, a full-time job, various volunteer roles, community involvement & a colourful social life, Jackie strives to normalize sustainable healthy living in a positive, approachable way
• Jackie eagerly imparts life skills and eco-sense, at home where the kids make lunch, garden, compost, forage, mend, shop wisely (remembering to pack reusable bags & containers), and even bee-keep; the family has eliminated their traditional garbage can, producing very minimal waste & recycling
• Leading community Earth Days, green workshops & school initiatives, throwing no-waste parties (even for kids!), organizing workplace compost and “free swap” events
• 2019 national finalist in the Canadian Museum of Nature’s Nature Inspiration Awards; featured on Capital Current; numerous interviews on-line and on-screen showcasing her Zero Waste Lifestyle and sustainable choices

Check out Jackie’s Instagram posts: @naturallyjackielane