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Janet Nadeau – Bio Available

Occupation: Climate Change, Travelled to the Poles, Author, Teacher

Janet Nadeau

Although now residing in Ottawa, Ms. Nadeau has an extensive travel background!
She was born in Hawkesbury Ontario, and attended French and English schools
there until the age of 10. At that point, her father was transferred to New York,
moving from a small French town to New York City – that was quite a change! After
graduating from high school, Ms. Nadeau returned to Canada, and completed three
University degrees – one in Physical and Health Education, one in Biology, and one
in Education. She has taught in several schools – in Quebec City, here in Ottawa, St.
Thomas More in Chelsea England, in Toronto and in Pickering.
Her teaching has included Junior and Senior Biology, Math and Chemistry, Physics,
General Science, and Physical Education. She has enjoyed working with Science
clubs as well. Ms. Nadeau also has a passion for sports, and has coached Gymnastics,
Volleyball, Track and Field, and Cheerleading.
Ms. Nadeau is a competitive athlete, and has participated in Half Marathons in
Scotland and the USA, has been a competitive tennis player for years, as well as
skiing competitively in giant slaloms in France. Her passion in High School was
actually competitive tennis. She has skated for years, but only does so
She is a travel enthusiast, and always studied the language before taking a trip to
another language. Ms. Nadeau has studied English, French, Italian, Spanish and
German. She has travelled extensively to all continents on the planet, with the
exception of Africa, which she says is next on her list! Her first trip with students
was to Paris, France, which was followed by student ski trips to Courchevel, France,
Italy, and Greece. Lastly, she accompanied students to the Arctic, on a trip with
Schools on Board. Since leaving teaching two years ago, Ms. Nadeau has been to the
Antarctic, on a National Geographic ship. What is next? Africa.
Ms. Nadeau is currently involved in a project involving the application of polar
science to all aspects of the high school curriculum. She is committed to getting the
information out to students and teachers, who in turn, will positively affect the
future of our country’s environment, as the environment of other countries around
the world. Today’s students are a powerful environmental force!
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and Biology