Jay Giachino
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Jay Giachino

Occupation: Airline pilot for First Air (Northern Canadian Airline)

Personal Life
  • Native to Ottawa.
  • Married for 19 years with two children who are currently in high school
  • Competitive junior squash player
Personal and Professional Experiences
  • Graduated University of Western Ontario with a Bachelor of Arts (Economics)
  • Member of the University squash team which competed in the NCAA division 1 and OUAA
  • Squash Professional at the Rideau Tennis and Squash Club in Ottawa for 4 years.
  • Flight training at Rockcliffe Flying Club for private licence and the Ottawa Flying Club for night rating, instrument rating, and commercial licence.
  • Hired at First Air since 1998 and progressed through multiple aircraft
    • Boeing 727 second officer
    • DHC-6 Twin Otter first officer
    • HS748 Hawker Siddley first officer
    • ATR42 Aérospatiale Transport Régionale first officer
    • Boeing 737-200 first officer
    • ATR42 captain
    • Boeing 737-400 first officer
  • Previous ground school & simulator instructor, flight instructor and ACP (approved check pilot) for ATR-42
  • Flying has included locations serviced with ice strips, gravel runways, paved runways and off strip locations, I’ve seen most of the north of Canada.
  • I’ve been based in Iqaluit and Resolute Nunavut for rotations for 4 years and lived 10 years in Yellowknife (NWT).