Jenn Pritchard
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Jenn Pritchard

Being a nurse is knowing when to turn on your “tough”…and when to turn on your “human”….and finding the balance in between to help those in need…


Occupation: Emergency Nurse, ICU Nurse, ICU Civic Campus and CHEO, PACU General Campus

Jenn Prtichard

Critical Care Nurse , Emergency, ICU Civic Campus, CHEO, PACU General Campus


I have been a critical care nurse for 16 years. I began my career as a paramedic, where I worked for 7 years. During a portion of this time I was able to put myself through the University of Ottawa Nursing program and graduate with my Bachelors degree, and obtain both Critical care and Emergency certificates.

I began nursing in the Emergency at both the Queensway Carleton and General hospitals. I then shifted gears to work at CHEO in the PICU which led me to the ICU at the Civic for the last 13 years. During this time I also worked as an Organ and Tissue Donor Coodinator for Trillium Gift of Life and as a clinical instructor for the nursing students at the University of Ottawa and Algonquin College. I am now currently working in the PACU at the General hospital.
I am married to a Firefighter and have two dogs. I enjoy spending time adventuring outdoors as much as possible running, snowshoeing, swimming, cycling, camping and gardening.