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Julie Dobler

Occupation: Human Trafficking Forensics

My name is Julie Dobler and I have been a constable with the Ottawa Police for 15 years. I spent 7 years on patrol, mainly patrolling the street of the South and East end of Ottawa and coaching new recruits.  In June 2010, I became a detective with the Forensic Identification Section.

The Forensic Identification Section offers support to all sections within the Ottawa Police Service.  We are required to photographs and collect evidence at various types of crime scene, which include but not limited to: a break and enter, Robbery, Shooting, Sexual Assaults, Fatal Collisions and Homicides scene.

The evidence ranges from different types of DNA evidence, fingerprint evidence, trace evidence, physical matching, tool mark, footwear or tire tread impressions, etc. We each process our exhibits in the Forensics Lab and submit the DNA evidence to the Centre of Forensic Sciences for analysis.

There are several specialties – or Portfolios – in the Forensic Identification section; 1) Bloodstain Pattern Analysis, 2) Composite Artistry, 3) DNA Databank Coordinator, 4) Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear and Explosives Team, and the 5) Firearms and Shooting Scene Reconstruction.  I’ve have been a DNA Coordinator for 8 year and have been responsible for training new Forensic Identification members, Special Constables and Investigators on Warrant DNA Collection.

I truly love my work, which could be challenging at times and I look forward to telling you about my 9 weeks course at the Canadian Police College and about interesting scenes and challenges our work can bring.

Thank you,

A/Sgt Julie Dobler

Forensic Identification Section

Ottawa Police Service