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Natalie Kahale

Miss Positive

According to Natalie Kahale hitting rock bottom has its advantages.

Five years ago, Natalie’s husband of almost two years, was killed in a car accident. “When I got married, I felt like my whole future was designed. I had the love of my life, we were going to have children, we had so much planned… and when he was gone, everything I had planned just didn’t exist anymore.” Despite having her world ripped apart, Natalie remains positive, energetic and determined to be the best she can be.

Natalie holds an honours degree in Psychology and an executive Masters Degree in Business Administration from the University of Ottawa. Once a week, she can be seen on TV Rogers as a local television producer and host on her talk show, “Nat en Parle!” She talks about lifestyle topics and relevant issues such as body images, self esteem and grief.

The talk show is all done voluntarily! Her actual job title is Organizational Development Consultant. She offers keynotes, workshops and session on topics of leadership, connections, and leading an inspired life.

Yet when everything goes south, Natalie takes all of the negative events and tries to find a way to deal with it instead of collapsing. “I’ve learned to flow with life, I take a deep breath and say ‘okay this is showing up, yeah it’s a challenge, so what’s the blessing or lesson in it?”

Natalie admits it is hard and has taken her almost three years to completely move on. When she gives an example of how her life has changed so much within a short time frame, it is noticeable how her eyes wonder off as if she is alone remembering the worst time in her life. She mentions how every time she used to go out she’d have to think differently. For example when she was buying food she would have to stop herself from buying for two.

Natalie always looks at the positive side of life. “When it’s not good, it’s hard, but then it’s going to lift, and you cannot control that lift. It comes naturally, but to those who work at it.”