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Stuntman Stu

As a teenager in high school Schwartz was subjected to bullying, and after two years found the courage to stand up.

Occupation: Radio Host, PA Announcer for the Ottawa Senators, Auctioneer

Personal Life
  • Stuntman Stu’s real name is Stu Schwartz and he is from Montreal
  • Stu has his own brand of wine! For every bottle sold, 2$ is donated to the Sens Foundation.
  • He is married to his wife, Connie and they have two children named Matteo and Isabella
  • He also enjoys cooking and has been a car fanatic his whole life.
  • Stu is a highly respected community member who loves to give back
Personal and Professional Experiences
  • Stuntman Stu acquired his name through the stunts he did for an Ottawa rock station in the 90s, proving that we would do anything for radio
  • Stuntman Stu is one of the Majic 100 Morning radio hosts and is the PA announcer for the Ottawa Senators
  • Aside from radio, Stu has also hosted on Rogers TV, done the weather for CTV Ottawa, was a PA announcer at the 2010 Winter Olympics and Paralympics in Vancouver, and he is also an emcee and an auctioneer
  • Schwartz studied at Dawson College before coming to Ottawa for a change of scenery
  • In 1997, he graduated from the radio-broadcasting program at Algonquin College
  • Stuntman Stu currently lives in Ottawa with his wife, Connie, and his two children
  • Stuntman Stu has won various awards including: Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal, United Way community builder award (2004), Canadian Association of Broadcasters Gold Ribbon award (2005), Algonquin College’s Top Alumni (2003)
  • Stu supports various charities such as the CHEO Foundation, the Queensway Carleton Hospital, the Boys and Girls Club, and Rogers House
  • A victim of bullying as a child, in 2011 he created the #NoMoreBullies campaign where he and his morning show visit local schools to speak and educate children about the horrible effects of bullying.

After weeks of medical procedures and preparation, broadcaster “Stuntman” Stu Schwartz successfully completed a bone marrow transplant Friday morning to treat leukemia.

In his usual upbeat manner he posted a photo on Twitter, shortly after the one-hour procedure, of a hockey player holding up the Stanley Cup with his face superimposed on the image.

“The new bone marrow is flowing through my body and I got my Cup!” he wrote.

After a short nap, Schwartz spoke to the Citizen from hospital. In a hushed tone he explained his state and recovery is akin to “being a newborn baby,” as his immune system has been taxed. In the coming weeks he’ll rest at home, avoid crowds, eat a strict diet and process all he has gone through since his diagnosis in February.

“I was a bit more emotional a few hours ago because it’s a long week leading up to today with chemo and radiation to get your body ready,” Schwartz said. “And then when they actually do it, it’s so anticlimactic.”

On April 21 Schwartz praised the anonymous donor who is helping to save his life.

“Whoever this person is, somewhere in the world, you are saving my life,” he said when he made an emotional video post to his Facebook page.

Schwartz will be monitored through twice-weekly hospital visits for blood work.

“They want to monitor and make sure the new stem cells are meshing with my system, that usually takes two to three weeks … it’s a long road to recovery but it’s great to be at this stage. I am relieved, I’m lucky, and thankful and I’m grateful.”