Sudesh Gurung
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Sudesh Gurung

“A bundle of belongings isn’t the only thing a refugee brings to his new country”

Occupation: Social Service Worker student at Algonquin College. Ethno cultural Youth Worker at (YSB) Youth Service Bureau of Ottawa/ Youth Facilitator at (YOCISO) Youth Ottawa Community Immigrant Service organization.

Personal Life:
    • I was born in Bhutanese Refugee camp in Nepal, and lived there for 16 years.
    • My parents were exiled from their mother land ‘Bhutan’ and settled into ‘Nepal’.
    • When I was 12 years old, my father passed away due to the poor health care system in Refugee camp.
    • I lived in the refugee camp along with the other 200 thousand refugees from Bhutan.
    • I immigrated to Canada in 2011 with my family members and I was a (GAR) Government Assisted Refugee.
    • It was the toughest period in my life to integrated into Canadian society, because I was often discriminated based on my social status, ethnicity, racial background, etc.
    • I attended Ridgemont High school and studied ESL- English as Second Language due to my limited English.
    • I experienced a huge culture shock in Canada, because I was racialized immigrant, marginalized, oppressed and belong to minority population.
    • I feel that I am the luckiest person to be in Canada, and my life has given me a second chance to dream about my future.
Professional Experiences and Accomplishments:
  • I pursued my career as a Social Service Worker at Algonquin college and I am passionate about helping people.
  • I have been working at Youth Service Bureau of Ottawa as Ethno cultural Youth Advisory Committee. I facilitate various workshops like; Employment, Diversity, Intergeneration conflict, Bullying, Anti- oppression to newcomer families and service provider.
  • I am working as Youth Coordinator in community organization called (CABTAS) Canadian Bhutanese Association where I empower immigrant youths and educate them on advocating for themselves.
  • I also work at (CCR) Canadian Council for Refugees as a Youth Mentor.
  • At (YOCISO) I work as a youth facilitator to Immigrant/ newcomer youths.
  • My long-term goal is to serve and help refugees throughout the world.