Teresa MacDonell
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Teresa MacDonell

“I design scarves with the hope that they will draw a smile and inspire the spread of many more.”

Occupation: Owner/Designer- Amuselle (amuselle.com), a silk scarf e-commerce company.

Personal and Professional Experiences
  • Teresa was born in Nova Scotia, the second of 4 girls
  • Her father was in the air force so she travelled a lot across Canada and in Europe growing up
  • She attended high school in Ottawa at Colonel By and met her best friend- Mei-Lan Morton!!!
  • As a young girl, Teresa never considered herself an artist. Although she admired artists, they seemed foreign to her. She was always told she was very creative but her entire family had very traditional jobs so she never considered a career in the creative arts
  • Teresa attended Trent University with the intent to become a teacher. Although she did graduate with a BA, she had enough experience as a student teacher to know it wasn’t the right career choice for her.
  • She took a chance and went to the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. For the first time, she loved school. She graduated with a Design degree just as computers were gaining ground in graphics.
  • She landed her first real job as an art director at a big advertising firm in Toronto. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the same tactile environment she experienced at school, she was tied to the computer.
  • She wanted to get back to working with her hands. She fixed up old furniture which she was able to sell in stores and managed to get a few articles published.
  • She also worked in decor, where she ended up freelancing as a buyer, art director and guest designer on 4 HGTV shows.
  • She ran a home staging business and later worked as a prop stylist for print.
  • She enjoyed all of this work very much but none of it was steady nor secure. She kept a gig at a high end restaurant for years to supplement her creative income and to secure employee health and welfare benefits.
  • She decided she had to figure out a career that would stimulate herself creatively and would also provide a steady income. No one was offering her a job so she had no choice but to create one for herself. She started her company at the age of 50. There’s been a lot of surprises and ups and downs.
  • Her goal is to bring context and meaning to design. After some research and experimentation, she discovered silk scarves to be the perfect medium for her to tell stories by combining words and images using colour and design.
  • She designs for corporate clients including the City of Toronto, The National Ballet of Canada, The International Women’s Forum (Canada) and the International Women’s Forum (Global).
  • So, she has come full circle. Teresa is back designing on the computer but in her free time she still keeps her eye out on garbage day for furniture she can re-create.
  • Connect with Terri at hello@amuselle.com or visit www.amuselle.com.