Wesleigh & Mehmet Aytekin
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Wesleigh & Mehmet Aytekin

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Personal and Professional Experiences
  • Wesleigh, a SWL alum, was backpacking through Turkey and Greece when she met her now-husband Mehmet.
  • After her trip, she returned to Turkey to live and work there. It was hard for her to adjust to the new culture and language, but living in Turkey was also an empowering experience. They married in Turkey – a traditional wedding which was such a wonderful experience for both families and their friends.
  • Now it is Mehmet’s turn to build a new life in a new country, as he has recently immigrated to Ottawa with Wesleigh. It’s not easy blending two cultures in one family, and sometimes even just trying to explain yourself can get frustrating!
  • Overcoming cultural and language challenges is something every new Canadian must face, and Mehmet is both nervous and excited. He can talk to you about living in Turkey, Turkish culture, deciding to move to Canada, and what he thinks about living here so far.
  • Wesleigh can also talk to you about studying political science at university, working in politics, and becoming politically active in your community.